Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Phoenix Tattoo Design

The legendary mythological bird of fire, is probably the most popular of all the rebirth and resurrection symbols. There are stories and fables that touch on the Phoenix myth in the ancient Middle East, India, China and the Greek and Roman Empires. In the myth the Phoenix is an extraordinarily long-lived bird of great beauty and luxuriant plumage (often described as golden or red-hued), living five hundred years or more, a fact attributed by one early Jewish legend that the Phoenix refused to eat the forbidden fruit of Paradise. At the end of it's life the Phoenix would build a nest of aromatic twigs, set fire to itself, and be consumed in the funeral pyre of it's own making. After three days the Phoenix would arise from the ashes, reborn.

Phoenix tattoo has become a symbol not only of the undying soul, resurrection, and immortal life but also one of triumph and a rebirth in this life.

Whether for its distinct beauty, its symbolism, or its historical significance, there’s multitudes of reasons for choosing a Phoenix as a tattoo. When designing a Phoenix tattoo, there are loads of options to think about.

Because of their mythical origins, Phoenixes are often depicted as creatures of fantasy. With a fantastical tattoo design, there is much room for interpretation by both the artist and the wearer. Most fantastical Phoenix images are colorful, using bright oranges, reds and yellows and can range from realistic to abstract sketches.

The design allows for the inclusion of a background or action picture if so desired. Because of its versatility, allowance for artistic expression, and self-expression of the wearer, the fantastical Phoenix design is the most diverse design choice.

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