Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Glen Campbell

Glenn Campbell and Alzheimer's disease, something that's definitely a sense of humor has not returned to the legendary actor has been open about the diagnosis. Hits including popular in the Phoenix 'and' Wichita Lineman 'Rhinestone cowboy', 'singer's world, nearly 30 years with his wife, Kim Woollen, a class tonight with ABC's Terry Moran 'Diane Sawyer with the news. '

"Blessed is, really," the couple Malibu, California, home to 75-year-old said. "I thought that I'm not that bright, but God has given me a chance."

Except that her husband has been, for some short-term memory losses, low maintenance, it can be a difficult task.

"He repeats himself," he says. "Tells the same joke so many times in a row."

"Well, yes, this is ridiculous," he remarked with a smile.

Tell a joke that defines low, and few minutes later, the same laugh, joke, laugh and then laugh at him because he will tell you is just enjoy it so much, "." Every day you just The best and not worry about tomorrow to try. "

Matt Sayles, AP
Glenn says, "is what it is today and tomorrow is going to take care of it." "The Bible is a verse that says, 'a man a good wife findeth, he got a good thing, and I've got a good thing, or that you got from me or find me in the you've got. "

"I think we found each other," Kim responds.

"That's what we agree." Glenn answers.

The seventh of 12 children delight, Ark. , Glen Campbell was born the son of a sharecropper father was his first guitar, a four-year-old a $ 5 Sears and Roebuck model. As a teenager in his uncle's western swing band after the 1958, where he became an in demand session player and singer, has played in Los Angeles, initially earned only $ 10 a season. In 1965, Glenn Brian Wilson, Beach Boys in the street has become synonymous. Signed with Capitol Records, in 1967 the hartford life 'soft on my mind, he scored with his first big hit. By 1969, he became an international superstar in the CBS television series for her thanks, "Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, which ran for three years.

Galveston,''It's only make believe, in 1975, and No. 1 smash, 'Rhinestone cowboy' and other hits followed. Tanya Tucker at odds with promoting stable and highly romantic, and with heavy bouts of drinking. They married in 1981 and 2003, a look at the drunk driving arrest led to a long cold drink left Turkey.

"Thank you Lord, that whatever I say," Glenn to reduce restraint and notes her marriage. "You thank God for giving me another chance."

Now, Glenn one last album, "Ghost on canvas, 30 August, is preparing to move out of, and embarking on his farewell tour to say the fans have to thank you. Board of his children, Ashley, three, guitar and drums on the nail, but Shannon will be joined on the stage.

Kim says that "music is a natural aid to memory, and we know that it really helps their memory is kept down,".is concerned, music is good medicine. "

1970 John Wayne film, a Golden Globe nominee for her appearance in "True Grit," Glen Campbell at the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005, was involved.

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